Injury and Illness Prevention Plan

Injury and Illness Prevention PlanInjury and Illness Prevention Plan - There seems to be more and more talk about Injury and Illness Prevention Programs.  It steams from the white paper OSHA released last year and is worth taking the time to read and understand.  While no one knows what the future holds it can give you an idea.







Below is an article I wrote on the changes that may be coming:

March 7, 2013 | Machine Design

Mar 7, 2013 Will OSHA’s Injury Illness Prevention Program give you a headache? A formal hazard analysis part of the design process becomes more




If you want to read the white paper here is the link


While I don’t know what or if there will be a final standard for IIPP it is looking more like there will be.  The white paper, draft proposal  and the recent page added to the OSHA’s website would suggest changes may be coming – Injury and Illness Prevention Plan.

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