safety leading indicators list


safety leading indicators list

If you are looking for a safety leading indicators list and need ideas on how to develop and implement your program the following ppts might be helpful.  I reviewed these and think they will be helpful to me as I think about planning for next year.

By the way, I normally start planning for the next year in late July.   So…..if you have not put the time in to start thinking about your program and where it is going you should start.

Measuring Safety Performance With Leading Indicators

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Measuring Safety Performance With Leading Indicators. Presentation. Business case. Examples you can use. Generate some discussion. Why this is important


Slide 1

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SafetyPerformance. Average. Leading. Lagging. What is the gap between where …. Study SMS performance (leading indicator) correlated to outcome injuries


The Use of Leading Indicators to Measure the

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Leading Indicators. The Use of. to measure the performance. of the. by: Steve Oakley. Occupational Health. and. Safety System. 2. bjectives. At the end of this


Safety Culture Proposed Road Map

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Focus on positive “leadingsafety performance indicators. Give safety leadership training to all line managers. Implement a system of behavioural auditing.


I hope the above information is helpful for you during your planning and development.  Safety leading indicators are a hot topic that can help your program be more successful.

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